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Marcion of Sinope wrote the first Bible in 140 AD. The Saviour was called Isu Chrestos and Marcion's Bible starts in chapter 3 of Luke for one verse and then continues with chapter 4. Isu Chrestos was a phantom who descended to earth to preach to mankind, and was not born. Also after the single Gospel called Euangelion, which is identical to Luke but only two thirds as long, Marcion of Sinope recognized only ten other books. These are ten of the Pauline epistles. Here again Hebrews, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus are absent. Also Galatians and Romans were shorter than in the modern bible.

Marcion omitted the entire Old Testament. One can summarize the differences by pointing out that most of the references to the Old Testament were not included. Marcion has been maligned as a heretic by the early Church Fathers, but by far the majority of scholars believe that Marcion only wrote the texts that he knew. For all the evidence that we have, the Bible never existed before Marcion wrote it. The Marcionites were celibate, vegetarian and prayed constantly. They believed that being free from sin, they were above the law of Moses; to them a spiritual stumbling block. They regarded Jehovah as inferior to the Stranger God of Isu Chrestos. Jesus appears once only, at the crucifixion and is released.

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